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To start your return, please enter the order number provided to you at the time of purchase and in your confirmation email, and the email address you provided during your purchase.

Common Return Questions

What is your Return Policy?
We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, simply call our Customer Service Department at (541) 344-4483 or email us at service@goodcleanlove.com, and we'll be happy to help you process your return.
What Information is Required?

If you made your purchase online at GoodCleanLove.com you can call us at (541) 344-4483 or email us at service@goodcleanlove.com and provide your email address, name, and order number. You can also use this online form above.
If you made your purchase at an in-store retailer or other store online, please refer to their return policy for guidance. You can always email or call us regardless of where Good Clean Love products are purchased.

Still have questions? Email us at service@goodcleanlove.com with your full name, order number and we will get back to you shortly.